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Soooo, I was in Visage for a while. Yep, THAT Visage with the 'ahhhhh Fade to Grey!' and Steve Strange and all the craziness. It'll never stop being a surreal memory. Me joining the band was a strange sequence of events, but I'm eternally grateful. We did gigs for 20000 people, travelled all over, met all manner of stars - it was quite something. Most of all, it was wonderful hearing Steve Strange's colourful, crazy stories of his adventures in the 80s. He was a silly, self-indulgent, erratic and wonderful man, and I'll always have a Steve Strange shaped hole in heart - he was quite something.


I took a load of footage during what turned out to be out last gig together, and edited it into this. I love watching this back, and I hope it portrays some of the fun thagt we had X



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