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MY MUSIC PROJECTS (1996-Present)
(more info on these soon)


You can find the core of my music on Spotify under my own name, including a mix of misc tracks and EPs I've written in creative downtime, and a few of the game soundtracks I've composed for.

If I'm writing music for my own enioyment, it tends to be dark, experimental, and electronic in nature, with a dash of orchestral, psych rock and new romantic.


Trent Reznor, Client Mansel, Nick cave & Warren Ellis, Leonard Cohen, Justice, Daft Punk, Health, Kraftwerk, and (most of all) David Bowie are the biggest influences on my music.  


Yep, that Visage!


Through a series of strange events, I ended up playing guitar and synth for 80s pop band Visage in the 2010s, and from there began writing new material with the band's charismatic and legendary singer Steve Strange. 

We played a lot of crazy and eventful gigs and had a lot of fun. It was quite something!


Goteki is my industrial band, as a creative duo with my old friend AliStar. We've been writing and performing for 20 years, and while my composing work means I can't devote as much time to it any more, we still gig and release material. Goteki's music has been a huge part of my adult life.

There have been many band members, a number of albums, hundreds of gigs and far too many wonderful adventures to count.


If you've ever thought you'd like to start a band - do it. It's a rollercoaster, but worth it. 


You have to start somewhere!

When I was a skinny goth in the 90s I started my ridiculous comedy goth band Sneaky Bat Machine and started performing my first gigs. To my surprise, the music was popular and went spent several years playing gigs at Goth festivals and released an album. I called out style of music 'Cybergoth' - a term that stuck and is now (weirdly!) part of musical history.


I recently resurrected the band with some new Spotify releases, cos, hey, why not! 

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