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Role: Sound Designer, Music System Designer, Composer ('Star Marine' game mode & additional music)

Developer: Cloud Imperium

Publisher: Cloud Imperium

Timeframe: 2015-Present

Star Citizen has smashed all records for crowdfunding, pulling in a startling $250 million in fan investment to date. My role for the game was audio lead for the story elements and music coordinator, working with award winning composers Geoff Zanelli and Pedro Camacho. 


I also composed music for the new 'Star Marine" multiplayer part of the game and wrote the music for the highly regarded 'Vanduul Driller' trailer [see right].

I’ve also written a ridiculous theme tune for a futuristic brand of vending machine noodles in a frenetic J-POP style, "Big Benny Noodles" - It’s a high speed neon nightmare but the fans love it so we turned it into a music video!

Video Credits: Cloud Imperium Games.

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